Male Body proportions chart

Male Body Proportions 8-7-2013

As mentioned earlier I decided to take my drawing a bit more serious. And as a result I told myself that I needed to learn about proportions, perspective, texture and shading etc. As these fundamentals are key I decided to make a Male Body proportions chart with easy references.
I hope it’s helpful to you. Now as you will see the body is evenly divided into 8 sections that equal 8 times the hight of a human head. Although an average guy is about 7.5 times the hight of a head you will see 8 times in cartoons, magazines etc. So it is just a reference that you can play with.


2 thoughts on “Male Body proportions chart

  1. I’m struggling with figure’s proportion too! I learn much from Andrew Loomis’s “Manikkin Frame”. Hope it’ll helps! ^^
    Let’s keep learning!

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