Little house… ( work in progress )



Here’s another update on my Wild West modeling project.
I added a church and a gallow. ( sorry about the gallow guys, a bit distasteful, but hey, it’s the Wild West…

Some detail pics of the Church and Gallow below.

Church Gallow


5 thoughts on “Little house… ( work in progress )

  1. Hi it’s looking great so far. What is your project? A game? Animation? Movie? Are you using Maya? and what kind of town doesn’t have a gallows right next to the church…no kind of town that what!

    • Hi Dylan,

      Thanks for the compliment. My modeling on this project is for no specific reason at this point, except for practice maybe. Would be cool if it ended up in an animation though.
      As for the gallow next to the church…. I did that on purpose, but will move it later on. I was wondering whether someone would notice. So congrats on the keen eye
      And yes, I am using Maya 2013.



      • Good stuff, keep up the good work. I’m in a similar situation re. learning maya. Have you given your town a name? Every town needs a name.

        • Hi Dylan,

          No, no name yet. Any suggestions ?
          As for learning Maya, I started a forum called pixels a little while back. It’s full of tutorials and such. Would love it if you joined. We could help each othet out in the learning process. I mostly do the postings but get decent number of visits. It can be found at



          • Hi Mike, I’ve signed up to your forum and I’ll have a proper look around at the weekend when I’ve got more time, but it looks pretty good from what I’ve seen. With regards to your town’s name what about simply ‘Galloway’! or ‘San Galloway’ or ‘Long Falls’ or ‘Neck Creek’ or ‘Short Step’ (between the rope and church), but perhaps that’s taking the theme too far. I’ll give it more thought. Hopefully we’ll speak again. Regards.

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