Dylan’s Mercantile is now open !


Yes, the next step in my modeling project is complete. I added a mercantile to my modeled city. The city is called Short Step city as the gallow is just a short step from the church.

The name was suggested by Dylan and as he is the city’s name giver I decided to create Dylan’s mercantile in his honor.

Hope you like it,



15 thoughts on “Dylan’s Mercantile is now open !

      • I can understand that. You seem to merge into your own creation. That’s happened to me before. What program are you using? And, can your town be used in Bryce or Vue?

        • Hi there,

          Well, I am using Autodesk Maya 2013 for the modeling. I must say I am not familiar with Vue or Bryce, so I am not sure. If they interface with Maya, then yes šŸ™‚


          • The header on my site was created by Bryce. I’ve got hundreds of images I could show you. The older version may still be offered free.
            Vue is similar.
            I don’t know the comparative quality to Maya.
            My husband and I both dabble in digital art, but never created, from scratch, the models that you are designing. That must be quite tedious.

                • No worries, the purpose of the forum is to learn, share and discuss. Books reviews, video tutorials and so on.
                  Until October last year I never created anything digital in my life.
                  So please, please come on in. Purpose is to create a sharing community of digital art lovers, pro, amateur, dabbers and newbies !

  1. Wow Mike that was really quick, it’s looks great, when do I move in?

    On that topic, I was building up the courage to ask you, would you consider allowing me to ‘borrow’ your little town once it’s complete for a project I’m working on? I’ve got a scene for my animated music video (Vapid Fantastic) for which your town would be an ideal setting. Obviously you would get full credit for the scene backdrop and I wouldn’t use it unless you were happy with the context it was being used.

    I’m months away from getting to that scene, so there’s plenty of time to consider it, but it would really help me a lot and you could use the final result (assuming you think it’s any good) to promote your own work.

    I really enjoy working with people collaboratively, so please consider it.

    If you’re interested, please reply, visit my blog or e-mail me.

    Thanks again for the store in your fair city.



      • Great, thanks Mike. I’ll be in touch. Like I mentioned I’m a long way off getting to the scene I have in mind for your town, but I’ll try to get a storyboard together so you can make sure you’re happy with the theme etc..

        How far were you planning on taking your model? Texturing, lighting, dynamics etc?

        Happy to keep talking over the comments of your blog, but if e-mail is more convenient, mine is dylanvoid@gmail.com.

        Hopefully speak to you soon.

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