VigLink ( sorry for the off topic ) and making money with your blog.


Hi guys, and sorry for the off topic post. Those of you who have seen my blog know that for the last year or so I almost exclusivey post my drawings or 3D modeling on this blog.

Well while I was working on my blog I received one of many “make money fast” e-mails that I usually trash immediately. For whatever reason I decided to read this one.

So what’s the deal ?
When you sign up with these guys ( free ), they constantly screen your blog for names or words that are  in their database ( their clients ) and turn these words in your text to hyperlinks.

So if you write a post containing the word Microsoft, Apple or something like that, they turn that word into a hyperlink. If your visitors click on it, visit their customers sites and buy stuff, you make money. That’s it.

If you think it might work for you click below, if not please just ignore this post.




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