Pixels, 3D art and more in now online !

autodesk maya

Hi guys,

For those of you that have checked out my posts you have noticed that I am heavily into digital design nowadays.
Now I found it difficult to find a place on the net where these digital designer folks hang out.
As I am into sharing, learning and enjoying I decided to create a forum called Pixels, 3D art and more.

So if you are into digital modeling, rigging, animation or game development and you would like to share and show your work, please come on in and sign up.

A forum isn’t much of a forum without any members, so I really need your help guys !

You can find the forum here : http://pixels.freeforums.net/


Amazing read !


I could hardly wait to receive this book and today was the day. This book came highly recommended and it is fantastic. If you want to learn the fundamentals like anatomy, shading,textures etc and portrait drawing ( and hands ) this is the book for you.