MH Tutorials modeling challenge

Hi guys,

For the next few weeks i will be traveling and during that time I would like to invite you to participate in the MH Tutorials Modeling challenge.
The topic is “Spooky, Creepy, Scary etc”
Whether it is a ghost, a zombie, a grave yard, whatever you want, just make it scary.
During the week of May 25th I will compile the received rendered images into a video and post it on YouTube. I will then ask viewers to pick their winner.
The chosen winner receives USD 50,- and a modeling tutorial of their choice ( including the modeled file )

Here are the rules :
1. The model has to be original and 100% yours
2. Models have to be submitted no later that May 24th 2015
3. All rendered images are to be submitted to
4. Only participants that have subscribed to mh-tutorials can participate.
5. Models have to be made in Maya ( additional work in other applications is permitted such as Photoshop etc )
6. Please send in rendered images in JPEG format
7. Work in Process doesn’t count, only final models please.
8. The work that receives the most votes within a period of 7 full days after placing the YouTube video is the winner.