Horses came to town

Short Step city 14022014 Short Step city 14022014b Short Step city 14022014c Short Step city 14022014d

As a final step to this modeling project of Short Step city, horses to added.
After roughly 80 hours and creating 2.5 million polygons my computer finally refuses to take another step.
So this will be the final result for now.


Bloggers, I need your help !

Mirror USA

Hi Bloggers !

I would appreciate your help with a little project I am working on;
I have created the image in this post from scratch and I would like to ask and encourage you to use it in any way you like. Use it as a wallpaper, print it on a T Shirt, coasters etc etc. What I would like to ask you as a small favor in return is if you would send me an e-mail with a screenprint, picture etc of this image “in use” So a picture of you wearing the T shirt with this print on it etc. You get the picture…

What I want to do is to use the pictures I receive in my next project and post it on this blog for you all to see. Now it goes without saying that the more pictures I receive, the more I can do with them.

You can send the e-mails to

And please help to share this any way you can ( Facebook, other blogs etc. )
Please mention my request for the e-mails.  🙂

Thanks a lot for your help guys ! I hope this works out !