Amazing read !


I could hardly wait to receive this book and today was the day. This book came highly recommended and it is fantastic. If you want to learn the fundamentals like anatomy, shading,textures etc and portrait drawing ( and hands ) this is the book for you.


Male Body proportions chart

Male Body Proportions 8-7-2013

As mentioned earlier I decided to take my drawing a bit more serious. And as a result I told myself that I needed to learn about proportions, perspective, texture and shading etc. As these fundamentals are key I decided to make a Male Body proportions chart with easy references.
I hope it’s helpful to you. Now as you will see the body is evenly divided into 8 sections that equal 8 times the hight of a human head. Although an average guy is about 7.5 times the hight of a head you will see 8 times in cartoons, magazines etc. So it is just a reference that you can play with.