Bloggers, I need your help !

Mirror USA

Hi Bloggers !

I would appreciate your help with a little project I am working on;
I have created the image in this post from scratch and I would like to ask and encourage you to use it in any way you like. Use it as a wallpaper, print it on a T Shirt, coasters etc etc. What I would like to ask you as a small favor in return is if you would send me an e-mail with a screenprint, picture etc of this image “in use” So a picture of you wearing the T shirt with this print on it etc. You get the picture…

What I want to do is to use the pictures I receive in my next project and post it on this blog for you all to see. Now it goes without saying that the more pictures I receive, the more I can do with them.

You can send the e-mails to

And please help to share this any way you can ( Facebook, other blogs etc. )
Please mention my request for the e-mails.  🙂

Thanks a lot for your help guys ! I hope this works out !