Horses came to town

Short Step city 14022014 Short Step city 14022014b Short Step city 14022014c Short Step city 14022014d

As a final step to this modeling project of Short Step city, horses to added.
After roughly 80 hours and creating 2.5 million polygons my computer finally refuses to take another step.
So this will be the final result for now.


Short Step City ( Yes, my city has a name )


Yes, My little city now has a name ( Thanks Dylan ! )
It’s called short step city ( as the gallows are just a short step away from the church )

I added the wagon !


Little house…. ( work in progress )


Second step of my project. The next building has been added.
The plan is to create a western style village. Texturing is minimal at this point as I want to focus on the modeling.
Next fases wil include a black smith, a saloon, a cemetary etc.

If you have any suggestions, let me know. I also need to come up with a name for my little village. Ay ideas ?